Safety Season Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

‘Tis the season for fun festivities, poignant celebrations, family gatherings, endless feast cooking, and all-around general merry-making. With all the fun comes several potential safety hazards. Be aware of what can go wrong, so you can ensure that you and yours will enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.

Kitchen-Related Fires

Kitchen fires can become more common during the holidays due to the increase in cooking and food preparation during this time of year. Leaving food unattended on the stove, forgetting that the oven’s in use, the commotion of having countless house guests loitering in the kitchen, and many other factors can cause food to burn, or fires to ignite. Use a timer to remind yourself when food is finished cooking, don’t leave items on the stove unattended, and ensure no items that can melt, burn, or set aflame are on or near the burners.

Deep-Fried Turkey Dangers

A relatively recent trend has been to deep fry a whole turkey instead of roasting it in the oven. This can be extremely dangerous. Heating oil to a temperature so high that it combusts, splashing said oil on oneself when placing the turkey in the fryer, not ensuring that the turkey is completely thawed, and using the fryer too close to the house creating a potential fire hazard, are all factors that qualify deep-frying a turkey as being a risky endeavor. Ensure you do the proper research required, and use all recommended safety precautions before attempting such a feat.

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House Fires

The aforementioned dangers of kitchen fires and turkey fryer related fires are only two ways a house can set aflame during the holidays. Of course, as the weather gets colder, more folks use their fireplaces, furnaces, or space heaters to warm their abode. Not ensuring that these mechanisms are clean, in good repair, and free from potentially-combustible debris can create a hazardous environment in which a fire could be a possibility. A little preparation goes a long way to ensure that you properly heat your house during the holidays. Make sure the only open fire you roast your chestnuts on is contained within your fireplace!

Personal Injuries

Due to all the extra cooking, baking, and food prep that comes along with the holidays, the chances of injuring oneself may increase dramatically. Not only that, but people get adventurous and go up on their roofs or ladders, potentially in icy or snowy conditions, to hang lights and decorations. Then, there are all the breakable ornaments that can end up in pieces and lodged deep within our feet. And don’t forget the ancient frayed wires that we plug in year after year risking electric shock. Take extra precautions during this festive season to prevent ending up in the emergency room.

Propane Safety

Finally, if you have one of the many households that use propane to heat the home, then you know that preparedness is the key to propane safety during the holidays. Have the professionals at Scully visit your home to evaluate your tank and set-up, and repair or replace any damaged or worn out components if necessary. Make sure your tank is full before the weather makes road conditions hazardous, and have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home. The professionals at Scully are here to serve you!
Have a happy and SAFE holiday!

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