Standby Generators: A Smart Investment for Homeowners

Standby generators are an excellent investment for homeowners to make. Standby generators start automatically in the case of a power outage, keeping appliances such as refrigerators, portable heaters, sump pumps, and window air conditioning units running. This can ultimately save homeowners thousands of dollars in food that otherwise would have spoiled, or spare them a flooded basement full of belongings from being destroyed by an inoperable sump pump. In addition, standby generators can keep computers and other devices running, allowing those who work from home to continue to generate an income.

Propane: Better Than Gasoline and Diesel

Standby generators for whole-house power backup can be fueled by propane. The advantages of using propane over another fuel such as gasoline or diesel fuel for your generator are many and include:

  • Clean burning
  • Easily stored
  • Longer shelf life
  • Can be delivered
  • Allows generator engine to last longer
  • Longer, uninterrupted run times

Safety Precautions

Make sure you have a transfer switch installed to link your generator to your circuit panel. This prevents utility workers from being harmed and your appliances and generator from being destroyed. Have a professional install your transfer switch. An interlock device is also wise as it prevents your power and generator from running simultaneously, causing an energy spike.

Contact Scully Propane

Invest in a standby generator fueled by propane and benefit from the safety and reliability it offers your household. Here at Scully Propane, we can provide you with the very best propane service. To learn more about propane solutions, call us at 800.220.6080 today!

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